26 Year Old Subham Gain His Youth Back Post Successful Transplant from Chandigarh

hair transplant results


Name – Subham

Age – 26

Place – Chandigarh

Method – FUE

Grafts – 3864


Before Surgery

Mr. Subham contacted us 10 months ago. He was suffering from Male Pattern Baldness and therefore felt unsatisfied with his scalp appearance. Subham belongs to Chandigarh and to his luck the renowned hair transplant clinic in the city wasn’t far from his residence. The clinic has one of the few highly skilled surgeons capable of handling this kind of hair loss properly. After proper consultation from us, he got his surgery done from the clinic under the supervision of experienced doctors and the supporting team.

Please Note – He was suffering from frontal hair loss and was looking for a frontal hairline that looks natural as well.


After Surgery

Finally, surgery was performed at the clinic. And the results amazed us (see results after 6 months below) hence, We always recommend this clinic in Chandigarh for its professionalism and quality work.

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After 3 Months

Post 3 months of his transplant, Subham felt delighted as his dream hairs were growing back and were looking great as well.


After 6 Months

The confidence can be clearly seen on Shubham’s face. His hair density is unbelievably natural.


After 9 Months

This is simply wow! Meet new Shubham after 9 months of patience and care, He made a right move to get the transplant done from a reputed clinic after consulting us.

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