Darling Buds Clinic Chandigarh Review – Hair Transplant Cost In Darling Buds

Hair loss causes emotional trauma where people start abhorring their appearance*.

When I was a teenage boy, I went through situations where people passed odd remarks against my appearance. To put this to an end, I had a hair transplant, two years ago, through a reputed clinic and the results are surprisingly wonderful. 

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Looking for an affordable clinic in Chandigarh? Head down straight then!

What Clinic you ask?

The name is Darling Buds – a Chandigarh based clinic. Today you will find out if the clinic is reliable for hair care treatments.

Time to Analyse Clinics’ worth

To find out the clinics reliability, we have defined some parameters that are mentioned below:

1- Qualification of the main Surgeon of the clinic

2- Experience of the Staff performing the hair restoration process.

3- The Infrastructure of the clinic

4- Quality of hair transplant results.

5- Follow-ups took by the clinic

6- Experience of the Patients recommended by me

Note- After reading this article, you will be assured of visiting a reputable clinic in Chandigarh.

Reviewing the clinic

Name: Darling Buds 

City: Chandigarh

State: Punjab

Cost: 40rs per graft

Headed by Dr Tejinder Bhatti, this clinic is located in Chandigarh. This is the first globally recognized clinic dedicated to FUE hair transplant. It’s the first clinic in the world who previously did 100% FUE hair transplant to completely transform itself into an ‘FUE only’ hair transplant centre back in 2009.

Dr Tejinder Bhatti figured out some important points to maintain a high level of long-lasting Patient doctor relationship especially in the field of hair transplant.

1- High priority of Patient care

2-The training of the doctor and his team.

3-State of the art technique

4-Personal interaction(Video calls/emails) with Clients in multiple weeks.

5- Economical prices.

Still in doubt about going for your hair transplant treatment from this clinic? Let’s have a look into their quality, experience and qualification of the main surgeon.

Qualification of the main Surgeon of the clinic

Dr Tejinder Bhatti

Dr Tejinder Bhatti is a leading hair transplant surgeon dedicated to improving quality of life through advanced hair transplant techniques sustained by his aesthetic judgement of experience and training. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of hair transplant surgery all over the world. The use of his artistry approach towards hair restoration acclaimed him as a world-class hair transplant surgeon.


1- MBBS (Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of medicine)

2- M.Ch( Master of plastic surgery)

3- M.h(Master of surgery)

4- FRCS (Fellow of restorative & cosmetic surgery)

5- FIMSA (Fellow, International Medical Sciences Academy)

6- FICS (Fellow, International College of Surgery Chicago, USA)

7- FAIS (Fellow, Associations of Surgeons of India)


1-International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) (USA)

2-International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

3-Pune Associations of Plastic Surgeons-1996 (Served as Secretary in 2007)

4-Associations of Plastic Surgeons of India-1998 (Governing Council Member)

Experience of the staff performing the hair restoration process

Technicians are well-mannered, motivated and dedicated to a long term commitment in service at Darling Buds. They are capable enough to perform the whole surgical process. All the Technicians are equally experienced. They perform the surgeries under the leading surgeon of a clinic. The Surgeon monitors the staff for further process after finding the best solution possible. Technicians keep the safety level on higher priority throughout the hair restoration process.

The Infrastructure of the clinic

The ambience of the clinic is very soothing. It has an irresistible waiting area or neat surgical room facilitated with audiovisual effects and a music system to make patients feel more relaxed.

Quality of hair transplant results already delivered

The hair transplant results in this clinic are mind-blowing. They are able to perform the hair restoration process from the right angle and depth. They have a 95% grafts survival ratio of implanted hair with a 100% success rate by producing natural-looking hairlines.

Post-surgery follow-ups 

We have been associated with this brand for a long time and never felt any regret. They keep themselves up to date and suggest patients what precautions and care they should take after hair transplant surgeries. They are honest with their jobs. 

Feedback of the people

People visiting the clinics are happy with their results because of the best support post hair transplant surgery. They always greeted me with their smiling gestures and shared satisfying feedback.

Cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh

The total cost of hair transplant treatment depends on the number of grafts needed by the patient. They charge you approximate 40rs per graft at Darling Buds clinic.

Get the best hair transplant in Chandigarh

If you are looking for similar results that are mentioned above, then we highly recommend you to visit Darling Buds Clinic in Chandigarh.

Happy Transplant

Note- These results are long-lasting


26 Year Old Subham Gain His Youth Back Post Successful Transplant from Chandigarh

hair transplant results


Name – Subham

Age – 26

Place – Chandigarh

Method – FUE

Grafts – 3864


Before Surgery

Mr. Subham contacted us 10 months ago. He was suffering from Male Pattern Baldness and therefore felt unsatisfied with his scalp appearance. Subham belongs to Chandigarh and to his luck the renowned hair transplant clinic in the city wasn’t far from his residence. The clinic has one of the few highly skilled surgeons capable of handling this kind of hair loss properly. After proper consultation from us, he got his surgery done from the clinic under the supervision of experienced doctors and the supporting team.

Please Note – He was suffering from frontal hair loss and was looking for a frontal hairline that looks natural as well.


After Surgery

Finally, surgery was performed at the clinic. And the results amazed us (see results after 6 months below) hence, We always recommend this clinic in Chandigarh for its professionalism and quality work.

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After 3 Months

Post 3 months of his transplant, Subham felt delighted as his dream hairs were growing back and were looking great as well.


After 6 Months

The confidence can be clearly seen on Shubham’s face. His hair density is unbelievably natural.


After 9 Months

This is simply wow! Meet new Shubham after 9 months of patience and care, He made a right move to get the transplant done from a reputed clinic after consulting us.

If you are looking for similar results, contact us today!


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