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If you are here to learn about the merits of hair transplant clinics in Delhi, then you must stay tuned as we reveal some eye-opening facts to you. 

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Clinics Analysis: To determine the clinic’s reliability, we have defined some parameters as mentioned below:

1-Qualification of the main Surgeon

2-Experience of the Technicians performing the hair restoration.

3-The Infrastructure of the clinic

4-Quality of the hair transplant results already delivered

5-Follow-ups taken by the clinics

6-Feedback of the people visited the clinic

Exploring the clinic’s details:


 Name: Dermaclinix

 City:    Delhi

 State:  Delhi

 Cost:   35rs per graft

This clinic runs under the supervision of two experienced hair and skin specialists Dr Kavish Chauhan and Dr Amrendra Kumar. Both are highly qualified and specialists in the field of cosmetic surgery.  Dermaclinix believes in providing high-quality services with the utmost safety and care. They always ensure safety on high priority to their Patients throughout the surgical process. They have performed over 1000+ successful cases with satisfactory results and great excellence. They use the latest techniques and tools to provide the hair and skin treatment to all, including super hair removal(SHR, Soprano Lasers), Diode Lasers and Alexandrite Lasers.

Still, If you are in doubt regarding your hair transplant treatment done by this clinic then, let’s look over the qualification of the main Surgeons, experience and results of this clinic

Qualification of the main Surgeons of the clinic

Dr Kavish Chauhan – Director & Co-Founder

Dermatologist(MD), MISHRS(USA)

Dr Kavish Chauhan is the Director & Co-Founder of the Dermaclinx. He is counted among the best Hair Transplant Surgeon and Dermatologist in Delhi. He completed his MD in the field of Dermatology from the most reputed All India Institutes of Medical Science(AIIMS), Delhi. He has successfully performed over 5000+ hair transplant surgeries by using FUE technique to this date. Many postgraduate students have learned the art of hair transplantation under his guidance. He has enhanced his skills by following the tips of the world’s top hair transplant surgeons like Dr Shapro(USA) and Dr ALex Ginzberg(ISRAEL).


Dr Amrendra Kumar

Director & Co-Founder

Dermatologist(MD), MISHRS(USA)

Dr Amrendra Kumar is the Director & Co-Founder of the Dermaclinix. He is a renowned Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi. He pursued his MD in Dermatology from the most prestigious All India Institutes of Medical Science(AIIMS)Delhi. He is one of the leading dermatologists and skin specialists in Delhi. He is an expert in doing hair transplantation by FUE method. He has done his training for vitiligo surgery under the guidance of Dr Somesh Gupta during his tenure in Delhi(AIIMS).

He is an expert in executing surgical methods for vitiligo surgery like punch grafting, ultra-thin skin split grafting and suction blister. With his expertise skills, he can eliminate more than 1000 hair follicles per hour to complete the mega sessions and Giga sessions with ease. He is able to provide good results in tough cases like Alopecia and grade 7 baldness. 

The Infrastructure of the clinic

Dermaclinix keeps its dignity with its high interiors. The ambience of this clinic is very soothing and relaxing. It has a dedicated waiting area which gives a relaxing environment to their Patients while they wait for their turn.

Experience of the Technicians performing the hair restoration

Technicians are highly skilled and experienced in performing the surgeries. Technicians perform the hair restoration process under the supervision of the Prime Surgeon. They make sure to provide the safety of the Patients throughout the whole process. 

Quality of the results already delivered

The results of this clinic are simply awesome. They implant the 95% grafts survival ratio of implanted hair and produce a good looking natural hairline. They have a 100% success ratio in case of FUT as well as FUE Hair transplant.

Follow-ups took by the clinics

They are committed to giving the best support to post their Patients hair transplant surgeries.

Experience of the Patients

People who have got consultation from us and got their surgeries done from this clinic are fully satisfied with their proven results. They always share optimistic remarks when asking about their hair transplantation done by this clinic.

Cost of the hair transplant in Delhi

The number of grafts depends on the basis of a number of the grafts required by the Patients. It would cost you around 35rs per graft.

Best hair transplant in Delhi

Finally, if you’re someone from Delhi and looking for similar results, we highly suggest you visit Dermaclinix in Delhi


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