Name – Abhishek
Place – Haridwar
Clinic –  QHT Regrow Hair Clinic
Method – FUE
Grafts – 2022

Before Surgery

The Patient was suffering from Male Pattern Baldness.









Mr Abhishek is a blue-collar worker. His job compels him to travel through dusty rosts and Dirty Strings. Even worse is the uncontrolled stress he reaps with the hard hustle to impress his clients and boss.

As a consequence, Abhishek starts losing his pretty hair to those unwanted negatives, and the images above clearly display odd loss to his frontal line.

After the guy contacted us, we found it to be a clear case of male pattern baldness that has only gotten worse with daily encounters of dust and stress.

We immediately proposed a hair transplant treatment. As he was living near Haridwar, we suggested to him the only reliable clinic there –Regrow-clinic-Haridwar.


Post Surgery




Dr Ketan – a senior doctor at the clinic was leading his surgery. And like other lucky patients, Mr Abhishek received a well-framed implant ready to accept new hair on the plane scalp.

This day he said a final good-bye to the year-long baldness dear Abhishek was dealing with.

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After 1 Month





A pair of god-gifted eyes is enough to observe the growth of new hair appearing just a month after the transplant. The results are undeniably great and bring a thought of joy to those earning it. Just as Mr Abhishek here.

After 2 Months



A significant growth! isn’t it? This is how the scalp appears post two months of the successful transplant. Mr Abhishek is just another living example of how technology and experienced expertise can change the way you look overall. Thanks to modern Advancements and Dr Ketan who have made achieving such results possible.


After 6 Months





Say Hi to the new handsome. Finding it Hard to believe?? Don’t worry, this is just an add-on to what we have always done (improving your appearance).

Back to the story, Mr Abhishek has headed back to his routine life. He is dealing with all challenges with even more confidence and improved self-esteem.

And guess what, he informed us about his promotion recently. Good news doubled.

If you or someone you know is facing a similar challenge, don’t wait for some magic to happen on its own, Contact us rather. Fill out the form available on the home-page today.


Mr Abhishek – a man in his early thirties, lost precious hair to poor genes and extreme working conditions.

Looking to achieve a permanent recovery, he contacted us with the utmost hope and desperation for life-changing results. We did what we always do, shared the best recipe to deal with the problem, obviously “Hair Transplant”.

The clinic we detailed him to, has done a marvellous job in all such cases. Mr Abhishek visited the clinic and surgery was performed without a halt.

Outcome – Results spoke more than we ever can. Go through the images above and glace the results before you reach us.

till then take a brief and final note on this truth revealing article. And we have quoted it like this –

A case of severe male pattern baldness ended with a healthy-looking scalp. Nothing we did, but polite help.


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