Difference Between Cheap & Affordable Hair Transplant

All that glitters is not gold; Not every hair transplant procedure is safe. 





In This Post, You Will 

Find out Why a cheap hair transplant could be damaging and the difference between cheap and affordable hair transplants?
State-of-the-art technology has made modern hair transplant procedures more effective and affordable.
Just a decade ago, the term “Hair Transplant” was alien stuff to many. Only a few belonging to a more privileged section were able to afford the luxury of having a hair transplant.


BUT, It’s no longer so.
With truly spectacular results, affordable Hair transplant surgeries are changing the lives of individuals who can’t afford expensive procedures.
How a Hair Transplant surgery became affordable?
Among other factors, Technology and the Procedure used decides the cost of a hair transplant surgery. 

Ultra Modern Technology:


The new tools are capable of delivering precise performance and functionality for a longer duration and are comparatively less pricey than those heavy devices used in old days.

Efficient Procedures


With the latest discoveries in medical science, surgeons have found the most effective procedure to deal with baldness. New techniques like FUE have proved to be more effective and less painful. Plus, doctors and staff are sufficiently trained to perform the hair transplant surgery with greater accuracy and in less time.
The affordable tools and precise procedures have made it possible for clinics to offer budget-friendly hair transplants.
BUT, it’s crucial to know that being affordable doesn’t mean CHEAP!


An Affordable Hair Transplant is performed by expert surgeons using high-quality equipment and applying the most advanced techniques.


Whereas A Cheap Hair Transplant would involve high health risks including damaging the grafts permanently.
Unprofessionally trained newcomers in the urge of attracting more patients turn up shoddy clinics, which offer these services at throwaway prices.
Availing a cheap Hair Transplant may cost you a lot:
Exorbitant Scarring
FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction leaves speck-like scars and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation leaves a long straight scar, yet they both vanish over time and can be camouflaged by specialists.
However, a badly conducted medical procedure can leave unnecessary scarring, which will require a corrective procedure to be fixed. 
Poor Hair Growth
Bald Patches due to over-harvesting of donor areas or unevenly distributed grafts over the recipient area. This will likewise require a corrective procedure.
  •  Unnatural hairline 
  •  Severe damage to the donor area 
  •  Extreme shedding 

Risk Of Infection


Usually, cheap clinics skimp out on things like cleanliness and hygiene of the clinic and the instruments, which can open patients to infections and other risks.
Doctors who are not experienced enough tend to over-collect the donor areas, causing bad-looking transplants. There are additionally various instances where an unpracticed specialist can’t design an esthetically pleasing or age-appropriate hairline, giving an unnatural look to the patient.
These are all dangerous outcomes of cheap surgeries. Often patients need to go through expensive corrective procedures, which renders the whole effort of getting a cheap hair transplant pointless.


  • Thorough research on the clinic as well as the active surgeon.


  •  Seeking an appointment and discussing with the concerned expert before making a decision.


  • Check what assistance they offer pre and post-a hair transplant surgery, this concerns your health and wellbeing.


  • Furthermore, above all, don’t be shy in discussing your concerns. A lot of patients often make bad choices simply because they have not been advised properly and they are too shy to even seek it.
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Harish Solanki (Before and After)

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Devant Chabdiya


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Beard Hair versus Head Hair: What’s the Difference?


Beard Hair versus Head Hair: The Two Variation.

70%* of male population loves to keep a decent beard plugged to their jaw line.

These beard lovers invest good time and money in keeping their facial hair well-aligned and patternable.

The men try tons of products to keep their beard shiny and strong.

BUT, have you ever wondered why there are products made especially for Facial Hair like Beard Balm, Beard Shampoo, Beard Oil, etc.


Is There a Difference Between Head Hair and Beard Hair?

Well, let’s find out.

Our Head or scalp  is more oily than our Facial Skin. Products used for head hair helps in removing the excess oil from the scalp, But will dry out the facial skin leaving it harsh. For this reason special products are prepared for facial hair or beard.

So, YES, facial hair are different from head hair!

Let’s talk about the key differences between facial hair and head hair.


  • Facial Hair Are Androgenic.

Quite different to our head hair, Beard hair are terminal hair that develops on the human body during and post puberty.

The growth of androgenic hair depends on the level of Androgen (male hormones) and the density of androgen receptors in the dermal papillae.


  • Facial Hair Are Coarse – Head Hair Are Not

Beard hair are Coarse; They have thicker circumference than other hair types. Beard hair are much finer and lighter in color than head hair.

Studies have revealed that Beard hair are likely to be harmed and may break down easily in comparison to head hair.


  • Beard Hair Are Sensitive.

Facial Hair also known as Androgenic hair provides tactile sensory input by shifting hair moment and vibration through the shaft to sensory nerves within the skin. Our beard can sense air movement and hair displacement from contact by insects or objects.


  • Beard Hair Are Bio-metric; They Reflect Physical Characteristics

People from different ethnicity are known by their androgenic hair.

For Example, Curly facial hair on Black African Men, Long straight Bread of early Egypt residents.

So, unlike the head hair, facial hair gives us a sense of identity.


  • Difference In Texture And Color:

Male have facial hair due to the presence of testosterone in their body. Testosterone causes these hair to grow thicker and darker.

Beard hair can grow red in color but isn’t to be seen elsewhere in our body.

In our middle Age, A men’s Beard may grow completely grey even after being able to retain full head of dark hair.


  • Conclusion:

In the Nutshell, Facial hair is way different than scalp hair and needs a different format of care.

Facial hair is usually more thicker, and have added wiry texture than that on the head. The skin under the both hair is also very different.

While Scalp hair may be straight and light ended, Beard hairs tends to grow thicker and curly.

One should Use milder cleanser and more conditioning products(beard oil or balm) to soften your beard.


SO, That’s it for today. We hope you enjoyed learning the difference between your facial hair and the hair on your scalp.

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At Last, We wish your heartfelt thank you for your umpteen support for us.