What’s the best feeling in the world? It’s a smiling face thanking you back.


When someone smiles back at you confirming their trust, it’s an unfathomable joy that can’t be expressed in words but felt in the moment.




In the last three years, we have made thousands grin; changing their lives forever, and it’s a delightful achievement for us.


Best-hair-help is proudly celebrating its successful 3000th “hair transplant surgical” mark, And we are excitingly thankful for our kind and loving social family for their trust and support in accomplishing this achievement.
3000 Ordinary (special) People. 
Best Hair Help guided the people in need to a place that enhanced their personality, offered them a new look, and embedded them inspiration to live big.


Hair Transplant Guidance – How did it start? 


In 2018, Our journey began with helping Mr. Harish Solanki from Gujarat. He was abashed about his poor hair health, a severe case of androgenic alopecia. His hair was shedding like leaves from a tree in autumn. He posted the problem in our Facebook social group. We tracked his ordeal and decided to help the man.


We suggested that he should touch base with us for a detailed session. The next day, he called and we had an hour-long conversation. It was our first free-of-cost online pre-visit consultation.


Intaking our recommendation for opting for a hair transplant, He visited Mumbai-based Hair and Shape Clinic and had his surgery done in the next week only.


He thanked us and we stayed connected on WhatsApp since then where he kept sharing his progress. After approximately 9 months when the guy was unbelievably changed, we realized the strength of our efforts that could help 1000s of Indians across the nation.




Harish Solanki (Before and After)

We had committed to reaching every patient with increased social presence and guiding them in the right approach to deal with the hair loss problem.




Best hair help was created to offer free-of-cost consultancy to people facing hair fall issues. With time we upgraded our services and made strong networks with the most efficient and worthy hair transplant clinics in Indian and the world.




It was Mr. Devant Chabdiya from Noida who rang the bell. He was looking for a legitimate consultation session and a hint to a reliable hair transplant clinic.


On 17th May 2019, he searched us on youtube and we had a detailed consultation session over the phone. He suggested that we should start looking for the best hair transplant clinic in PAN India.
Back then, we knew only a handful of clinics operating in Mumbai and Pune. On the same date, we decided to look for and link up with efficient hair transplant clinics in India. Our motto was to reach people from a most remote location and serve them the best of what we could.


Devant Chabdiya


With time, we established a strong trust and won thousands of hearts among the patients with severe hair loss. We consult them for free and share details about a reliable clinic in or near their city/area. The results were always amazing and everybody was blown away with result-preciseness and quality.


As word spread about our good work, People kept joining us, and we kept helping them.


Little did we know that we were achieving a lifetime milestone. Accounting today, when we are writing this post, we have consulted 7500+ people regarding hair loss concerns and have helped 3000+ people avail a reliable and effective hair transplant.

Final Words.

No THANK YOU will ever be enough for the support we received from people. Your prevailing certitude inspires us to keep aligning in the good work and we promise to offer you our premium support without charging a single penny for the services rendered.


A Quote we believe in: “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”


Every man must help others. They should Hold every hand and support the fallen individual. The world around us is struggling and pushing hard to keep up with the unhealthy pace. We all need some helping hands, Best-hair-Help is doing its part and requests you to play yours.


Please suggest your loved ones, familiar, friends, who are facing hair loss to avail of our free-of-cost consultation over the phone – +91 7452920171. 

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