Celebrities are Shiny beings who stay in the limelight all the time.

From theatrical artists to film-based actors, academy players to sports
legends, all remain constantly pressured to keep themselves
attractive. They are judged for their appearance and presentation.
Everything is under the radar, be it their clothes, skin, or hair.
Moreover, they need to look perfect every time.
However, being human, they also face demeanor shortfalls (i.e., Their
looks suffer due to several reasons, including genetics and age.)
To cover up the flaws and appear the finest, they trust only the BEST.
The same goes for Hair loss. Celebrities also face hair loss and need
professional help to fix this problem. And that’s where QHT Regrow
clinic comes into the picture.

So Back to our Question.

Why do celebrities choose QHT Clinic for their hair transplant needs?
The obvious answer is: that QHT Clinic is one of the best hair
transplant clinics in India, and there are plenty of reasons supporting
this statement.


Let us explore all the reasons for the Popularity of QHT clinic

amongst celebrities and foreign clients for their hair transplant needs.


  • QHT Regrow clinic has transplanted over 6 million hair grafts
    from scalp to scalp, beard to beard, beard to the scalp, and scalp
    to beard.
  • QHT Regrow clinic features seasoned doctors specialized in hair
    transplant procedures and has delivered 1000s of successful
  • The Clinic follows an etiquette code of conduct to ensure safety
    and hygiene at its establishment.
  • A dedicated team of skilled staff and technicians at QHT Regrow
    clinic makes the process easy and hassle-free for the patient.
  • State-of-the-art technology is a hallmark of the QHT Regrow
    clinic. With Best in class doctors and futuristic tools, patients
    enjoy smooth treatment and do not feel pain at any stage of the
    hair transplant surgery.
  • Affordable pricing is their plus point. Still, they can arrange
    comfortable EMI options if your pocket does not allow full
  • QHT Regrow clinic has a 100 percent success ratio. The Clinic
    assures you of a natural-looking mane in a reasonable time.
  • Rendering state-of-the-art hair transplant treatments to
    celebrities and patients from the western world has brought the
    brand constructive public recognition.


Moreover, With outstanding infrastructure, swaying surgical
technologies, and exceedingly experienced specialists, the Clinic
becomes a natural choice.



Why QHT Regrow Clinic?

QHT Regrow Clinic is a medical facility offering World-class,
ultra-modern hair transplant treatments, assuring natural results, and
has an eye for aesthetics.


The Clinic claims to deliver

  • Flawless Natural hairlines (No one could tell if you had a hair
  • Temple restoration with assorted graft placement.
  • Revision Hair Transplant for those who had a bad experience in
    their earlier treatments.
  • A fine treatment for Grade VII patients (With the optimum beard
    and body hair usage.)
  • Up to 97% graft survival rate.


QHT Regrow Clinic is a lauded name in the world of medical science.
It is a dedicated hair loss correction center running under the
supervision of highly experienced surgeons and well-skilled staff who
successfully treated thousands of patients.

Natural Hairline Creation is their Dominating Field.


QHT Regrow Clinic strongly focuses on creating a natural hairline.
They keep all aspects in focus, including design, selection of suitable
hair angles, directions, and hair characteristics like curl, hair caliber,

They are Reaching out to all!

10000+ successful surgeries prove their capabilities and the level of
professionalism followed at the Clinic to treat patients’ hair restoration
QHT Regrow Clinic offers exceptional hair transplant services to
patients from all walks of life. Be it a celebrity or a commoner, The
Clinic renders best-in-class Hair and Skin treatments with amazing

More Reasons to Choose QHT Regrow clinic

A Proficient Team – With adept doctors and skillful staff, QHT Regrow
clinic is a Top-Gun medical center undoubtedly.

Number of Grafts So Far

More than 100000 grafts implanted with a 100% success ratio.
That is a hard-earned reputation, and The clinic deserves all the praise.

Patient-Friendly Approach

Following a virtuous and professional standard, the patients
are addressed with respect and sincerity at the Clinic.
Staff’s healthy interaction promotes fellow feelings with their patients.
The clinic crew prepares a warm and pleasant environment for the highest
client satisfaction.

Services they offer

They have created a unique setup and process for individual needs and expectations.
From treating Male pattern baldness to Female pattern baldness to
body breast implants to Eyelash transplants and other restoration
needs, they serve all body points. You name it; they treat it.

Should you get yourself treated at the QHT Regrow

Making things clearer: Let’s talk about the results, experience, and
qualifications of the Prime Surgeons.
Qualification of the main Surgeons of the clinics

Dr. G.K. Sharma

Qualification: MBBS, MD-Skin, Leprosy, and Venereology
Years of Experience: 30+ Years
Profession: Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, and Dermatosurgeon
Dr. G.K. Sharma is the senior Hair Transplant Surgeon at QHT
Regrow Clinic. He belongs to the elite group of hair transplant doctors
who perform impeccable hair transplant surgery in India.
On top of that, he is considered an expert at handling cases requiring
corrective action on failed or botched-up hair transplant surgery.

He is a Dynamic surgeon.

Dr. G.K. Sharma specializes in skin surgeries, cosmetic problems,
male infertility, and sexual problems, thanks to his extensive
knowledge and expertise. Patients find it easy to discuss their
problems with Dr. Sharma due to his humbleness and patience.
He has more than 30 years of experience in the medical field. The
seasoned doctor can perform premium surgical and non-surgical hair
restoration treatments with 100% accuracy.

QHT Regrow Clinic executes Robust Procedures to ensure the best treatment and care.

Skilled surgeons like Dr. Sushil Chandra Kureel and Dr. Alok Kumar
Tiwari assist Dr. Sharma in making your hair transplant successful.
These hair transplant surgeons evaluate your case and recommend
the best treatment. They also discuss all hair restoration alternatives
during your appointment to ensure you feel confident and clear on all
Whether you have bald patches, a receding hairline, or overall hair
thinning, a deep discussion is carried out in the primal phase to
ensure the patient receives the best results.

QHT Regrow Clinic

A Modern day clinic – The modernistic Clinic is equipped with trailblazing medical
infrastructure and equipment that deliver results beyond patients’ expectations.

Operating Area

Neat surgical rooms are gloved with the latest tech and machinery.
Tools used for surgical procedures qualify the international standards and fully satisfy their purpose.
Every visiting patient eagerly awaits their turn to feel the bit of the new

Waiting Area

The Clinic doesn’t feel ordinary, boring medical setup.
Instead, the patients enjoy extensive, dynamic waiting areas that release a refreshing vibe.
The compelling atmosphere is stoked with contemporary architectural designs and an up-to-the-mark setup.

Quality of hair transplant results already delivered.

QHT Regrow clinic team has summed 5000+ successful hair
transplants since their launch. The surgeons ensure a 97%
survival ratio of the graft implanted, producing natural-looking
hairlines matching your facial features.
Patients availing of their service hail from different cultures, Countries,
and Income groups, and they all demand customized results.
Go through these coupled before-after images, and you will realize the
proficiency of the Clinic’s results. Aren’t the results satisfying? Decide
for yourself.



Post-surgery follow-ups

Care for the patient
As mentioned earlier, they are meek to their patient’s needs.
Staff believe in “Serve Them Best” and offer the best care to the
Patients are informed and advised about post-surgery prevention, and
the improvement is looked over through videos and fresh photographs
to ensure the best results.
Following a professional protocol, They always keep in touch with their
Patients and guide them about care and precautions.

Cost of hair transplant

The total cost depends upon your graft requirement. QHT Regrow
clinic charges you around Rs.30 to Rs.50 per graft *.

Best hair transplant in India

Want a natural hairline that suits your looks? Visit the QHT Regrow
clinic and stun yourself with staggering results that will astound your
senses. You will be amazed to see your new look after full results are
achieved. The above-shown pictures of clients’ results are
unquestionably great.

Worked up for hairline needs?

Worried about your receding hairline and want an expert to intervene?
QHT Regrow clinic will surely stand the test of your waters. As far as
we have analyzed the brand, it genuinely delivers great results, as it
There is a long list of people belonging to the elite class who
have got their hair loss corrected by the Clinic. Backing up the fact
about mastered artistry performed at the Clinic, several patients
contacted us voluntarily and shared their positive results and
feedback, revealing the brand’s stringent endeavors.

Concluding the statement

Clinic with a Goodwill – A reputed clinic in any domain offers treatment
that cures patients’ illnesses from the root. QHT Regrow clinic has
earned a sincere reputation amongst its clients for the quality hair
transplant treatments it offers. The results are permanent, and the
patient never faces the same challenge again*.

Patient’s Response

QHT Regrow clinic has won the trust of its patients through amazing results.
Patients deliver positive feedback, confirming their satisfaction and joy with the results they receive.

Doctor’s Skillset

A clinician should carry experience-bound adroitness.
As detailed above, QHT Regrow clinic has well-qualified
and research-backed doctors who have undergone the toughest
surgical affairs and yet disposed of 10000+ quality results combined.

Our one-liner comment

QHT Regrow clinic is a futuristic hair transplant clinic offering
competent hair transplant results that stay forever.
Additionally, They are trusted by celebrities and patients from Europe
and America. There is no reason not to trust them for your hair
transplant needs. Go ahead and consult with them.


Important: You can always reach out to us in case of any doubt or
clarification. We serve you with our whole hearts.
Happy Transplant

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