After researching over 300+ hair transplant clinics, talking with over 500+ doctors and consulting more than 1000+ people regarding hair restoration.


I have made this premium article specially for those who really don’t have any idea about the loyalty of hair restoration clinics.


“What made me write this article?”


When I started my youtube channel a year ago I used to get around 10-20 messages and emails regarding my hair transplant experience and information about the hair transplant clinics.


It was easy to talk to them and help them anything regarding hair transplant guidance. Many of the patients got their surgery done under my guidance.


As time passed it became very difficult for me to talk to all of them because the number of people wanted to get help increased drastically.


And now over 100-150 people connect with me every day for hair transplant guidance. And it’s really difficult for me to help all of them.


So this is the reason why I am calling this article premium.


“Special Note” :- All the clinics covered in this article are the ones which are always top in my recommendations. I always prefer recommending these clinics to anyone who takes my personal consultation.


Around 500+ peoples have already got their surgery done from these clinics and all are satisfied with the progressions. Recommendations will be based on these parameters”


1. Qualification of the main surgeons of the clinic
2. Experience of the technical staff performing the hair restoration
3. The infrastructure of the Clinic
4. Quality of hair transplant results already delivered
5. Post Surgery follow-ups by the clinics.
6. Experience of the patients recommended by me.


Name:- Regrow Hair Transplant Clinic
City:- Haridwar
State:- Uttarakhand
Cost:- Rs 15 – Rs 20 per Grafts Only
About The Doctor” Dr G.K Sharma(MD Skin & VD)
Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Dermato-surgeon.
Experience of the Technical Staff”, Clinic is around 5 years old. According to the clinic, the technical staff is the same having experience of around 4-5 years in hair transplant surgeries.
The infrastructure of the clinic, Quality of the Hair Transplant Results.
According to the patients who have got surgery done from Regrow hair transplant clinic under my guidance, the following is done by the doctor every weekend. For any doubt, you can directly contact the doctor.


“Regrow hair transplant clinic is been top of my recommendations for those who are especially looking for a natural-looking hairline. If you want an undetectable hairline then this clinic can deliver you such hairline.”


The best thing about this clinic is that it is delivering excellent results in a very affordable price range.


Name:- Hair And Shape Clinic
City:- Mumbai
State:- Maharashtra
Cost:- Rs 18 – Rs 20 Per Graft Only
About The Doctor – Dr Umang Kothari(Plastic Surgeon).


Experience of 6 years in the field of Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery. Experience of the Technical Staff Clinic is 2 years old. But the technical staff members are selected from different clinics having experience over 4-5 years in the hair restoration surgeries.
Quality Of The Hair Transplant Results. Post Surgery Follow-Ups, According to the patients got their surgery done from hair and shape clinic, follow-ups are taken every week by the doctor itself.


“There are many clinics in Mumbai. I have seen almost every clinic results. Most of the clinics giving good results are charging literally very high.”


“I can surely say that you will not get any clinic giving such amazing results in such affordable price range except hair and shape clinic.”


“Go for Hair and Shape clinic if you want to get your surgery done by professionals in affordable price and that too in Mumbai.”


Name:- Hairfree And Hair grow
City:- Pune
State:- Maharastra
Cost:- Rs 18 – RS 20 Per Graft Only.
About The Doctor – Dr Kiran Chotaliya
MD – Skin & VD, MBBS, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Cosmetologist, Dermatologist


6 years experience in Hair Restoration. Experience of the Technical Staff”]Hairfree Hairgrow Clinic started around 5 years ago. The technical staff have not changed yet. The technical staff is having more than 5 years of experience in hair restoration surgery.
Infrastructure Of The Clinic, Quality Of The Hair Transplant Results Post Surgery Follow-Ups”]Honestly speaking, you will not find many clinics in Pune taking follow-ups on a regular basis.
But Hairfree & Hairgrow clinic is best in terms of follow-ups and pre-surgery consultation


“Let me tell my personal experience, you will find many clinics in Pune charging even Rs 15/- Graft, but if you talk about their results, people are regretting who have got their surgery done from those clinics”.


Unlike them, Hairfree and Hairgrow are one and only clinic in Pune which is very authentic in terms of results and affordability.”


Around 100+ patients have already got their surgery done from here under my guidance.


Contact – Hairfree & Hair grow
Name:- Hairfree and Hairgrow Clinic
City:- Surat
State:- Gujarat
Cost :- Rs 18 – Rs 20/- Grafts 
About The Doctor :-M.D. Skin, V.D
Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon


Experience of 6 years in Hair Restoration. Experience of the Technical Staff – The technical team of hair free and hair grow Surat is very famous in Gujarat. Each individual in the technical team carries the experience of minimum 5 years in hair restoration.


Quality Of The Results. Post Surgery Follow-Ups”]Follow ups are taken every weekend by the doctors through video call or sharing photographs.


You can also visit the clinic for any help after hair transplant.“My thoughts about this clinic are very simple:-
1. Doctors really have enthusiasm for hair restoration.
2. Prices are not very low and not very high.
3. I know Dr Chintan personally.
4. I always recommend this clinic for anyone from Gujarat.
5. Results are damn Good!!!”


Name :- Recover Hair Transplant
City :- Chandigarh
State :- Punjab
Cost :- Rs 15/- Graft
About The Doctor :- Dr Niraj Kakkar
Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon


Experience of 6 Years In Hair Restoration.Experience of the Technical Staff – They have the biggest technical staff of 30 members. They have over 6 years of experience in hair restoration. The best part is that they are very cooperative and very friendly.