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Hair transplant has remained the most searched term on the internet globally.
Since 2017 there has been a massive (43.3%) increase in the search volume for “hair transplant” via google search.
Last Year, Google registered more than 10000000+ hits for the keyword “Hair Transplant.
And if you are reading this, we bet you were one of these (searching hair fall treatments on Google).
Why are we telling you this?
It’s a no-brainer that a hair transplant offers permanent & natural-looking hair with trivial intricacy.
And Ever since hair transplants came into existence, patients and doctors have been making it their primary consideration globally.
India – taking the lead. 
With a drastic shift in the global order, India(BHARAT) is rising like a star and becoming a hot destination for people looking to undergo a hair transplant. 
However, a handful of institutions in India are devotedly serving patients with hair problems and delivering results that beat the benchmark.
BHH is one such proud setup fulfilling the revolutionary transformation in the Country.
We have always placed our highest endeavor and kept pushing limits. We are the trailblazer of the new-age hair transplant service in India.
The Year 2022 remains no different but extraordinary. This Year, we are delighted to announce our newly established venture = Hair Mate: a hair transplant clinic in Pune.
Ahem! ( WoW, WHAT?) 
Excited? Curious to KNOW more?
Let us give you an inside tour.
world-class infrastructure, influential surgical technology, and prodigious operating experience
Hair Mate: Our associate and I have developed a world-class hair transplant faculty in India – For the people of India.
The Clinic is an unparalleled setup equipped with hi-tech machinery, swiz-sharp tools, and a proper sterilization and decontamination system.
The concept of ‘HairMate’ came after we witnessed discrepancies in Hair Treatment. We found that patients face anxieties, trust issues, and low expectations. Etc.
HairMate: the best hair transplant clinic in India. 
The Clinic has tons of features that no other clinic has ever offered. Dexterous, proficient belligerent & diligent surgeons lead the newly operational centre with embarking craftsmanship.
We are prepared to serve you with our advanced hair transplant treatments.
The psyche-relieving aura at the Eugenix is just out of the world. Enthralling Luxury at the Clinic bewitches the visitors and intrigues them to explore the facility.
Eugenix – A Place to Eulogize – The persuasive ambiance is fueled with modern architectural frames & designs, sculptures & paintings offering a premium look to the entire place. 
The luxuries fumes don’t end here; beautiful luminous multi-range lighting on walls fits every benchmark heaven on earth subsumes. To make things extraordinary, theme-based rooms make the Clinic an even more happening place.
Operating Area: Neat surgical rooms are gloved with the latest tech and machinery. Tools used for surgical procedures meet international standards and fully satisfy their purpose. 
Their clients have confirmed high-grade quality tools while sharing personal feedback with us. Every visiting patient eagerly awaits their turn to feel the bit of the new technology.
Waiting Area: The place excites you much. Extensive, dynamic, and luxurious waiting areas dispose of a relaxing environment for Patients waiting for their turn.
Team Hair Mate is amazing. No exaggeration. 
Hair Mate is powered by a team of thoroughly trained professionals with mass surgical experience and a culture of creating innovative treatment systems offering the best results.
They’re kind, incredibly articulate, and always willing to answer questions or walk you through complex processes keeping ease.
It was quite involved, but they had everything thought out and made me as comfortable as possible. 
With their supreme surgical skills, Doyen Surgeons offer patients with heavenly results.
  Dr. Nilima Sonawane


Dr. Nilima Sonawane is an exceptionally talented Cosmetologist and Dermatologist, who has over 7 years+ of experience in the field. She has studied in several of nationally recognized and felicitated colleges.
She has done her MBBS from Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College in Pune. She also possesses a Diploma in Dermatology and Venereology (DDV) and further a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology.
Dr. Nilima has extensive experience in Cosmetic procedures both Surgical and Non-Surgical. She also specializes in Hair Regrowth Treatments and is one of our leading experts here in Pune.
Dr. Nilima suggests to everyone that when in doubt consult an expert. So for your every Hair Loss or Skin trouble always contact our respected Doctor.
We continue to improve our services, and our hair transplant doctor in India stays abreast with the newest medical advances and delivers the most up-to-date expertise to our clients.
Cost of hair transplant in Pune
If you could afford a modest budget, then availing of a hair transplant treatment shouldn’t be an issue. Albeit, the total cost depends upon your graft requirement. The team will advise you on the costing details post your examination.
Best hair transplant in Pune
Want a spectacular hairline that suits your facial anatomy? Visit Hairmate and stun yourself with some staggering results that will astound your senses. You will be amazed to see the upgrade. 
Want to learn more?
Ring our number:  +91 7452920171

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