Name – Sushant
Place – Jaipur
Clinic – Glaxo hair science
Method – FUE
Grafts – 3500


Before Surgery

The Patient was suffering from Male Pattern Baldness.




Hairline Marking & Trimming Scalp

It’s a pre-surgery stage where the surgeon marks the borderlines to ensure that transplanted hair looks natural.
Hair is trimmed and the scalp is made clean so the surgeon could easily pick and place grafts to the respective spaces.






The surgery was completed successfully. One with experience could tell that these grafts are implanted craft-fully.





7 Days Post-Surgery





15 Days Post-Surgery




3rd Month Post-Surgery

It’s no magic. It is a true event. The more convincing part is his naturally designed hairline



6th Month Post-Surgery

A natural-looking youthful frontal hairline is ready in just 6th Month post-surgery.





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