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Kolkata a city of sweet people and wondrous sites. People here have earned their extra and best Hair Care facility, because they have been the conscience and thinkers of modern India.
HairMate is here to deliver you that! Our Hair Transplant and Hair Care centre is located in the Prime Location in Kolkata and easily accessible to all our Hair Lovers!
HairMate is the answer to every Hair Transplant and Skin Care query! Consult and Visit us today for any questions or doubts you have on Hair Care, as your Mates are here!

Why a Hair Transplant?

When Hair falls, your Age calls. Why let your Youth go? When you can preserve it with the Best Hair Transplant at: HairMate.
A hair Transplant is a procedure where a trained professional transfers hair from the region where there is an abundance of hair to a place where Hair Loss or Baldness has caused scarcity. 
The most important aspect of Hair Transplant is to choose the right clinic, with the Best Doctors.

Why HairMate Kolkata?

HairMate Clinic possesses Certified and Highly Experienced Doctors. Our Hair and Skin care is world-class. And lastly, ‘We are your Hair’s Best Mate: HairMate.’
HairMate also goes with the philosophy that the Best Doctors give the best treatment, but the best Hair Transplant clients keep connected to us. And it is only through their help, that we have grown into a grand organization with the tag of ‘The Fastest Growing Hair Transplant Centre in India’.

Dr. Tawkir Chowdhury


Dr. Tawkir is an internationally recognized plastic and cosmetic surgeon with over 20+ years of Hair Transplant experience under his belt. He is a renowned scholar in the field of Dermatology and Cosmetology and attends seminars and conferences, both nationally and internationally. Our Venerable Doctor has done an MS in General Surgery and an MCH in Plastic Surgery. He has further procured the prestigious FRCS from Edinburgh University, UK.
Dr. Tawkir does both traditional FUT and Advanced FUE, and alongside that provides a coterie of other Hair Repair treatments both Surgical and Non-Surgical. Dr. Tawkir has resolved the Hair Loss problem of many patients: both Indian residents and patients from Abroad. He is jovial by nature and is also easily approachable.

Best Hair Transplant Kolkata

Kolkata has several times been the capital of India, and people here are capitally disposed to taking care of others from every region of India. Thus, HairMate is here in Kolkata to provide the best Hair Transplant and Hair Care services for you. We do this by providing you with:
  • Experienced Surgeon
  • Qualified and Skilled Staff
  • Best Equipment for Transplant 
  • Best Treatment Assured
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Hair Transplant Cost In Haridwar

Some Latest results

In this article, we are going to review the best-known hair transplant clinic in Uttarakhand named QHT Clinic Haridwar.
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You are in the right place.

QHT Clinic Haridwar Review Based On:

  1. Qualification of the main surgeons of the clinic
  2. Experience of the technical staff performing the hair restoration
  3. The infrastructure of the Clinic
  4. nvereQuality of hair transplant results already delid
  5. Experience of the patients.
These are the most important parameters according to which one can decide whether a hair transplant clinic is good or not for his hair transplant surgery. I also followed these steps to finalize the clinic for my hair transplant surgery and got wonderful results you can see on my youtube channel.

1. Qualification of the main surgeon of the hair transplant clinic

First of all, let me tell you one thing, there is not even a single hair transplant clinic in the world where the whole hair transplant surgery is performed only by hair transplant surgeons. It simply means that a hair transplant is a procedure in which there are some parts of the procedure that are performed by some specific staff.
*Hairline making – Main Surgeon
*Extraction of the grafts from the donor area – Main Surgeon
*Making of slits – Main Surgeon
*Sorting of Grafts – Technicians
*Implantation Of Grafts – Technicians or Surgeons
But one thing is mandatory, the whole surgery should be performed under the supervision of the main hair transplant surgeon of the hair transplant clinic.

Dr. GK Sharma ( MD SKIN )

Dr. GK Sharma is a passionate hair transplant surgeon having experience of many years.
Qualification: MBBS, MD-Skin, Leprosy, and Venereology Years of Experience: 30+ Years Profession: Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, and Dermatosurgeon
Dr. G.K. Sharma is the senior Hair Transplant Surgeon at QHT
Clinic. He belongs to the elite group of hair transplant doctors who perform impeccable hair transplant surgery in India. On top of that, he is considered an expert at handling cases requiring corrective action on failed or botched-up hair transplant surgery.

2. Experience of the Technical Staff performing Hair Transplant Surgery

The technical staff of the QHT clinic are permanent since 5 years with having great experience in hair transplants.

3. The infrastructure of the Clinic


4. QHT Clinic Haridwar Results

One thing is clearly seen, their artistry in the hairline making.
They are really good at giving natural hairlines and enhancing facial framing of the individual.
Let’s have a look at a review of the result of QHT clinic Haridwar.

5. Experience Of ThePatients

After checking QHT Clinic reviews on different platforms it seems they have very positive reviews on each and every platform.
NOTE:- We also got around 100+ positive reviews of the patients who have got their surgery done from QHT Clinic Haridwar through our channel and website also.
And if you have also got your surgery done from this clinic, please let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

A Natural Hair Transplant Result From Delhi


Name – Abhishek
Place – Delhi
Clinic – HairMate Clinic Delhi
Method – FUE
Grafts – 2600


Before Surgery & Hairline Marking 


The Patient was suffering from Male Pattern Baldness.
It’s a pre-surgery stage where the surgeon marks the borderlines to ensure that transplanted hair looks natural.






Trimming Scalp

Hair is trimmed and the scalp is made clean so the surgeon could easily pick and place grafts to the respective spaces.








The surgery was completed successfully. One with experience could tell that these grafts are implanted craft-fully.



1st Months Post Surgery






3rd Months Post Surgery






4th Months Post Surgery

It’s no magic. It is a true event. The more convincing part is his naturally designed hairline.






5th Months Post Surgery






6th Months Post Surgery






7th Months Post Surgery





8th Months Post Surgery

A natural-looking youthful frontal hairline is ready in just 8th months post-surger






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