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What makes a hair transplant clinic efficient?
  • Qualified and Experienced Men

  • State of the Art Machinery

  • Pinned Coordination

  • Right Approach

  • Best Results



India may have 100s of Hair transplant clinics but only a handful of them are worth visiting.
Dear Readers, Today you will learn about another hair transplant clinic that has been delivering quality results since 2012.


Results in 6+ Months

La Densitae:

In 2012, La Densitae came into existence with an innovative hair transplant procedure that guarantees assured results.
Started from Pune, La Densitae became one of the finest hair loss treatment facilities in south India that offers cutting edge hair transplant results.


The Clinic Has Completed 4456+ Hair Transplants:

It’s a huge number for any clinic. Performing a large number of hair transplant surgeries while assuring quality results is the most difficult task and La Densitae have done it right on the spot.

Building a Better Network:

After stretching well in the south, covering major tech-based cities, La Densitae is finally coming to the north of India.
The Clinic is running at a good pace in Lucknow The city of Nawab is the next region of their service.


Clinic’s Specialty:

La Densitae Hair Transplant Centre provides world-class hair transplant at an affordable cost. They also offer all types of Hair and Skin treatments with top-notch facilities under one roof. The Clinic is powered by –


  • Highly-qualified doctors who personally conduct the procedure and are experts in all hair transplant techniques.
  • The Clinic follows strict protocols in the matter of safety and hygiene that ensures patient’s best protection.
  • The staff are courteous and greet the patient well.
  • Their team of skilled staff and technicians make the procedure easy to be dealt with. 
  • With state-of-the-art technology, they are able to perform painless hair transplant. And patients don’t feel any pain or sleepless nights.
  • Cost of hair transplants is affordable, and they provide EMI options for low income group individuals.
  • The hair transplant success rate at La Densitae is towering. It’s an assurity that a patient will receive natural-looking results with high coverage


Who is the Primary Doctor

MBBS, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC),

Diploma in Anesthesiology.

Dr. Gajanan Jadhao Is an experienced surgeon with 9+ years of practice. He studied trichology from the University of Germany.
Dr. Gajanan Jadhao founded La Densitae in 2012. The doctor is a skilled Trichologist with 8+ years of expertise in most advanced hair transplant techniques. Furthermore, he is known to transplant maximum hair grafts in a single session, making him one of the best surgeons for hair transplant in India.
Dr. Gajanan Jadhao is backed by a team of highly trained and experienced doctors and technicians.
The staff has expertise in handling the all-new equipment used in Hair Transplant and Cosmetic techniques.


Efficient Team of Doctors  

A team of highly qualified and experienced hair transplant doctors who are efficient in performing hair transplant treatment with proper care and safety.
Plus, their Innovative hair transplant techniques have given guaranteed results in a comparatively shorter span of time.
At La Densitae  – 4500 hair transplants surgeries have been performed over the last 8+ years. While maintaining safety and hygiene protocol required for a hair transplant surgery.
The clinic has the latest FDA approved technology and equipment for the hair transplant procedures. They assure quality results.

A frontal bald person recovering fully after having an efficient hair transplant at La Densitae – 



  • Dr Gajanan Jadhao is an experienced, well-read surgeon with 9+ years of experience.
  • He is the founder of  La Densitae – a hair transplant clinic running since 2012.
  • Have completed 4456+ hair transplants successfully.
  • The Clinic is now open in Lucknow.
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